Saturday, October 19, 2002

I combined everything on one site. Say goodbye to Naked Thoughts! Click here if your browser doesn't refresh for you automatically. Please also change your bookmark and blogroll. Thanks!

Monday, September 30, 2002

Find me here until I got the approval about my hosting.

Sunday, September 29, 2002

Viking is taking care of my new blog right now and everything - so I won't write much here until everything is set and done. I haven't received the confirmation email from the domain site, but Viking said my domain has been registered there. This gonna take some time as I will move all my blogs there, but I will do it one by one, starting with this blog and then my photolog. Hope it won't take too long ...

My left ear is still painful now. It's swollen and if I open my eyes too wide, it hurts. This is kinda my moment of silence. Online and offline. But this won't last more than 2 days. So be patient, my mind :)

EM is really sweet that he wishes all the best for me and W.

I can't believe that it took so long for the speaker today in Chruch to finish his sermon! The service was started at 17:00 and finished at 20:10! Goodness! And today was the first time Nia went to Church with us ... Hope her parents will still allow her to join us to Church next week!

The sermon was started by an altar call and it took aabout 45 minutes or so. And in the middle of that long sermon, I got a long distance call on my cellphone (the number didn't show up). I couldn't hear it clearly, the person over there know my real name and if I didn't misheard his name is Michael or something like that and he sounds so Indian. I don't think I know anyone by the name of Michael. I only could get one of his sayings, "How is everything with you there in Indonesia?" I told that person that I was in the middle of the sermon and I asked him to call me back in 30 mins, but he didn't.

Anyway, finally I got an email again from W and it sounds pretty "promising" ...

Hello there Tiara,

How are you doing today? I miss you!!! How has your weekend been? I am on my way to pick up Sebastian and Sabrina in a few minutes so I just wanted to say hi. I was just reading the news and it amazes me how we ended up with this president that we did. I mean Bush just has a passion for war it seems. Well anyway, what was the message about in church today? I am looking forward to going to church with this very cute Indonesian young lady soon :-) I think you might know her. Hahaha.

As far as my intentions after things are settled it would definitely be easier for you to come out here then for me to bring the kids there. That is too long for them to be out of school and the flight by itself is much more than they can handle. London is only 7 hours and they hardly handled that. We will talk about it in detail. I really would like you to come out after I visit. Well , I had better go for now , but please take care of yourself in the meantime.

Love you,

Saturday, September 28, 2002

Knockers The Klown

I am a celebrity sex clown.
I am a real clown.
I am famous for my twisted sex-related stunts and pranks.
I have toured the country three times with small traveling punk rock side shows, living the life of a glamorous hobo.

To date I have sat on 200 flaming birthday cakes, gotten thrown off college radio stations for talking too much about pubic hairs, been seen on Talk Soup, HBO, Sally Jesse Raphael, spanked Howard Stern with a rubber chicken and I continue to gain notoriety for being the dirtiest clown with the biggest boobies!

I drink beer and dance on bar tops. I am a clown. Enjoy.

I turned my PC off 90 minutes ago and tried really hard to sleep, but I can't. There are too many things on my head right now. W, EM, my blogs, my future ...

EM finally replied my SMS and he said that I was walking away from him but I will always stay in his heart. My heart was crying when I read the message and I told him that I am not looking for a lover, but a life mate. He didn't reply my SMS after that and I believed he switched his cellphone off after that because my SMS didn't get through. I know that he will be the only person who can really make me happy - IF the situation not like how it is now. I prefer not to write in details. Let it be just the secret of our heart.

My ears have been giving me problem since yesterday. I lost my left earring and my right ear is aching. So painful.

Maybe I am too over-reacting, but I can't bear this anymore ... I won't update DigitaLog until Monday when everything is fixed. I put a re-directing script there, so all the visitors will be sent to this main blog. That's the only thing I can do right now.

The good news is I finally could make Mom bought me a domain, but it will be only activated in 48 hours from now.

Waiting is so suffering ...

Wonder why?????? Take a look at my DigitaLog. The whole page looks like shit now and I don't know where to host the pictures!!!!! Arrggggghhh .... And I have to wait until Monday when Viking fixing my hosting

Friday, September 27, 2002

I was talking on the phone with Viking for 2 hours last night. He is going to import my blog from Blogger to MT on Monday and I started to think of a domain name for myself if I could make Mom buy one for me

We talked about our personal experiences with God and how He has helped us overcoming many obstacles in our life. It's nice to have a Christian friend to share God's love and to strengthen each other's faith. God is good to me by sending Viking to be my friend. Maybe He knows that I don't have much friends I can share my divine testimonies with ... Viking said that even though I don't realize it, my blog may have given some impact to some lives and that scares me once again. He said that one of the reasons why he blogs is because he wants to share God's love with those people who visit his blog. I was going to matchmake him to one of cousins, but too bad he already has a girlfriend

I miss W. No email from him since last night. And it seems that EM doesn't want to be my friend anymore. He has never emailed me since I write often about W and he doesn't want to reply my SMS, either. I am sad. Very sad. I thought he once told me that he loves me unconditionally - but where is he now?

I'm so dissapointed.

Your teammates rely upon you
to be the Smiley angel
who saves the day.
Don't beat yourself up
over a mistake at crunch time.
It won't help your self esteem.
Every day is a gift.

If last Tuesday I got some gifts from Ked, today I got a couple of new friends, Viking and Nia, the daughter of my Mom's friend. She's our neighbor, but we just met today.

And the gift goes on ...

I didn't expect that Viking is really serious in providing me the web-hosting and I was so surprised when I checked my email and found that he has set me an account! I am so excited and I can't wait to make the page there ... He even posted a poem for me in his blog. God, I'm so overwhelmed! He said he found my blog when he was searching for Don Moen at Google. So thank You, God, thank you, Don Moen, thank you Viking ...

And the gift goes on and on and on ...

Chatting and talking on the phone with Viking today. He found my blog from Google. He's so spiritual and he keeps talking about God and His kindness which makes me really small ... He wants to share some space of his web-hosting, too, with me - which I think is really sweet. I didn't ask for it and he said he wants to do it because I blog a lot and he just likes sharing God's blessing

And thanks for inviting me to the church choir concert, Viking!

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Good Morning young lady,

How are you doing ? I wanted to say Good Morning to you and I hope your day is going well. We are about to have dinner now. As far as the travel plans. Well of course it is much easier to travel and do things when you have extra money in the Bank. And that is my plan to take a long awaited trip :) I have to get this food finished for them. I hope you have a good day as well.

To Sir With Love

Words and Music by Don Black and Mark London

Those schoolgirl days of telling tales and biting nails are gone
But in my mind I know they will still live on and on
But how do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume?
It isn't easy, but I'll try

If you wanted the sky
I would write across the sky in letters
That would soar a thousand feet high
`To Sir, With Love'

The time has come for closing books and long last looks must end
And as I leave I know that I am leaving my best friend
A friend who taught me right from wrong and weak from strong
That's a lot to learn, but what can I give you in return?

If you wanted the moon
I would try to make a start
But I would rather you let me give my heart
`To Sir, With Love'

Tell me, how I can't just love African Americans after watching this movie??!!!

ZHappy Birthday, Listener!!!!!

Only about 6 hours after this entry is posted, my dear friend Listener will turn to 35! Show him some love and wish him the best wishes ...

What Would Jesus Eat?

Dr. Don Colbert: "The medical facts are in. If we eat as Jesus ate, we will be healthier."

It's Tiara S.' birthday today. Wish her a happy birthday ...

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

My Zonkboard is dying ...
I didn't have enough sleep. My night was filled by a long dream of W - I dreamt of things we had been through from the first time we knew each other until today. Just imagine dreaming of something that happened for 17 months!

This morning Dad (again) pissed me off. Someone wanted to fax him a document, but there was no paper inside the machine. He screamed and woke me up. When I wanted to go back to sleep, Mom asked the maid to change my bedsheet, so I should wait until I lost my "sleeping appetite". Maybe I should move in a jungle and bring my bed and this computer - where I can be alone and dream of things I have never been dreaming of. I'll send you postcard from there - I don't think there's any ISP can reach a jungle.

I've been thinking of futility since last night. My mind is pretty philosophical right now. I have been losing things I keep and I get things I let go. I can't describe, as there are too many things to be mentioned. And W is a part of it - and so my past is.

I'm sleepy.

Chatting with Karen, Simon and a new friend from TX, Suzy. I miss Ked. Today was supposed to be our chat day, but her computer fried up. Hope nothing's serious with that and we can chat again next week. I tried to SMS her earlier, but it didn't go through

People are tired of talking about bombs and terrorism and there was a haunted house in Pondok Indah that has been the talk of the town since 2 days ago when a fried rice man was trapped inside the house and until now, he can't be found - dead or alive. Maya said that actually the body has been found but the police doesn't want to reveal it. I don't see any reason why. There were 7 (Japanese) people robbed and killed in 1983 and since then the new tenants kept leaving the house until the house doesn't look like a house anymore, but just a wall. Yesterday Esther told us that she once entered the house and she saw a pentagram there, assumed that the house is used by Church of Satan for their services.

Dad said that he wants to buy the house since the price now is unbelivably low. He's strange.

Hi Tiara,

I was out and about most of the day yesterday. I had to buy a car, which is such a hassle, but it is done. Thank God.

Regarding the lawsuit, it was an ongoing thing with a previous employer I worked for that is to be settled by the end of next week. So that means that I should be getting a very large check from them very shortly.

Anyway, how are you doing today ? I am glad to be back at work. It seems like I have been running around so much the past couple of days so I will make sure Sabrina gets your email later today.

Take Care,
Meat or Accident?

Don't click while you're eating!

Free Will Astrology

Virgo Horoscope for week of September 26, 2002

Verticle Oracle cardVirgo (August 23-September 22)

Do not under any circumstances burp, fart, and sneeze at the same time. For that matter, Virgo, refrain from leaping into the air while blowing up balloons and chewing gum. And never, ever go out to do nitpicky errands as you meditate on the painful events of your childhood and try to dream up a smarter long-range financial strategy. This week, more than ever, you need to cultivate a one-track mind. For now, tunnel vision is the truth and the way.

I woke up early this morning because I couldn't wait to go to the Post Office with Mom. Yesterday I got a notification from them, telling that a box was waiting for me there It was a whole box filled with goodies from Ked! Thanks, Sis ! She even sent something for everyone and my parents really loved her gift ... I got a cute porcelain lunch box with her picture inside of it and ... Lilo stickers! Yay! But the best I love are the birthday card and the squeezed penny with the Lord's prayer in it! I will bring it every where I go as a good luck charm

After Post Office, we went to the market. Mom bought some things there and she was so upset as I kept taking the pictures ... We went back home few minutes ago and I'm ready now to catch up my sleep

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

September 23-29, 2002
Virgo (Aug. 23rd-Sept. 22nd)

Birds are singing, the sun is shining. Everything's coming up roses. Love is in the air. Happy days are here again. So don't fuck things up.
~ Nerve

How do they know??!!!

Hi Tiara,

Okay, here is the latest developments. I am in the process of coming to a settlement with this lawsuit that is due to be settled by October 3 . Once that is finished there will much more financial freedom to travel and do some things I have been putting off.

Anyway , it's quite simple actually , but necessary to finish this matter. Anyway , I just arrived at work a few minutes ago so I will email you in a little while.

Much Love,

PS Sabrina says hello :-)

God in Us

I just went home from Don Moen's Concert: God in Us. There were thousands of people there! The concert was started at 19:00, but we arrived there very late because we were stuck in the traffic jam. Ronald and Age couldn't come, because they both were not feeling well and Age just got miscarriaged ...

Don Moen has such a sweet face and he looks so godly. His teeth look great and also his smile ... I met so many people from our Church: Keyko, Tommy, Eni, Peter, Son, and Esther came home with us (Maya, Dudung and me. Maya's parents went home after the concert.)

I arrived home at 23:15, took my dinner and checked my email. William said that after Oct 3, he would have more time to travel ... I'm so excited, but I didn't tell him that I felt so.

I'm going to upload some pictures from the concert now ...

Monday, September 23, 2002

I made my 100 Things About Me page last night because I want to join 100 Things Ring.

I still don't feel comfortable with Dad, but I try to smile and laugh as often as I can in front of my parents. Mom is not feeling well today - she was very tired yesterday.

Maya, Dudung, her parents, Ronald and Age with pick me up later to Don Moen's Concert.

I haven't heard anything from W since Sunday. He is busy. It has been 2 weeks since he contacted me again and it's good that until today we haven't argued at all. Because we don't keep in touch often and I don't bother whether he writes or not.

The fan in my room's attic is spinning now. So is my life.

Janet mentioned about this Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poetry in her sermon yesterday about "Faith". This is her most favorite poem.

Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God;
But only he who sees, takes off his shoes,
The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries,
And daub their natural faces unaware ....

Aurora Leigh, Book Seven, lines 821-25

I'm still thinking of what Dad did to me yesterday. I have forgiven him - but I'm afraid that it will happen again soon as he still doesn't know why I was so upset with him and talking about it would make another conflict.

Mom's right that right after he was retired, he has changed into someone else who's more short-tempered even though he has had more time for his personal relationship with God now than before.

He used to be so busy in the day time when he still worked in the office and now he became so restless about things he didn't care about before and it's really annoying ...

I love my Dad - that's why I didn't say anything to him before every time he hurt me unconsciously with his words. But I am just human, and I can't do it anymore ...

I felt like going to his room before at 12:00 or so before I went to take some nap, but I didn't. There was something stopped me from doing that. I don't know what it is.

If there is any supra natural power other than God, I hope Dad is reading this posting in his dream right now. Or I wish God is doing something on his mind right now and making him as the man I always admired before ...

Janet and Winston were just sent home by my parents, Lita and Elias. A Filipino named Jun was together with them in the car. I am currently at home and just checked my email and uploading the pictures I took today.

There were many people came and the ministry was started at 09:30 and ended at 17:15. I really like the cookies from Tante Sally. They are crackers with some cheese, tuna, pickles and red bit. Yummy!

Janet told me almost the same thing she said last May. I don't think she can remember every word she said since she ministers to so many people and no matter how photographic her memory is, she can't remember all. It must be the Holu Spirit talking to us through her.

She said that I would dance on a map (like what she said in May) and there are some addition this time - like I won't just dance, but she saw in the vision that I wear ballet shoes - that means I would be really skillfull in dancing and I will dance ofr the nations for the Lord. She still said that I would soon go to the USA and this time she mentioned the name of the state. "Indiana. I think I heard Indiana.", she said. And if last May she saw someone gave me a gift as a white wedding box, this time she saw me in a bridal gown. Praise The Lord! But I hope she was mistaken North Carolina for Indiana as both are ended by the syllable "-na"

The Lord wants me to stop counting on my own strenght and let Him do things for me. She again mentioned that many people misunderstood me and I was emotionally abused. Not long after she prophetized me, something happened. Dad has been really pain in my neck since my birthday and again today he really made me really sad and I couldn't bear it anymore. He yelled to me in front of many people. I am not a kid and why he always blames me for everything and anything? I ran to my room in tears, turned off the light and cried. Mom few minutes later opened my room with a spare key and she hold me and asked me to be patient and I have to understand him more. After that he went to my room and apologized. How could I apologize someone who doesn't even aware what kind of faults he did? So I just kept silent and asked him that I wanted to be alone for some times. Few minutes later I went out from the room and pretended that nothing happened - even though people could see how red my eyes were.

Oh. God also told me that He loves me for I have a childlike heart and that makes me very easy to believe in Him. I have love and I care for people, that why He would send me to nations and Janet saw another interesting vision. There were so many stamps from different nations on my whole body.

I know I am loved and blessed. And even though sometimes my Dad brings me down, I know my Heavenly Father will always care for me and I always can run to Him.

BTW, here are my latest Mirror Projects:

Sunday, September 22, 2002

This is so funny. I once told Karen and Chris (FL) that I am selfish. I jokingly told them it is because I sell fish. I didn't know that Chris took it very seriously and even told his wife, Shana, that I sold fish! So he asked me today where did I sell my fish. He thought I sold it in a China Market or something ...

I have to go to bed now. 7 hours from now people are coming here to get Janet's prophetic ministry up until 6 PM! What a day!

I learned today that my birthflower is either Morning Glory or Aster. I don't really know what they mean - but I like the white Morning Glory and Aster.

I'm starting to enjoy flowers now. Not too late, I guess? But I still think I won't like gardening ...

Cleaning up is a tiring job - but right after you have done it, you'd feel much better. And "cleaner". I just deleted hundreds of email from my mailbox, sorting them by subjects and gosh, it took me about 45 mins to get the job done!

I have done written Sara's biography for the We Have Brains project. Can't wait to read what she might write about me!

Trish, I had my bangs cut short again yesterday as you can see here
Last night I talked to Karen about her birthstone (Amethyst). I tried to find out the meaning of my birthstone, too from Google. And here is the meaning of September Sapphire:

September Sapphire

related to the heavens and virtue
brings both physical
and emotional balance

After we hung up, I searched some birthstone adoptions. There are many! But I only took those I like and keep them here.

Then I was thinking of two wonderful online friends of mine (you know who you are!) and they both share so many things in common:

  • Born in February

  • Live in the USA

  • Love smilies

  • Have "K" as their initial (one is using her real name and for the other "K" is just her "online" name)

  • VERY protective friends

  • Have a male best friend they met online.

  • Currently are "in love" with someone with an intial "J"

  • They both are agree with me almost all the time and love me!

Talking about agreement. I feel disturbed actually by some people that left comments in a posting I wrote about William. Don't they read my disclaimer (the README button)? I am quite unhappy with what a friend said there and deleted it, but I responded to what he wrote to me.

You don't have to always agree with me or whatever I write here - but I do think that if I don't ask you for a second opinion (since the entry is just the letters we sent to each other), please don't bother to tell me what I should do. It's my life and don't worry about me. You'd better worry about yourself and your life. Don't be too nosy.

I have been an online friend of this girl since August 2001 and we don't have to agree to what each other think or say or do. But the secret why we're still friends now is because we never criticize each other. We support each other's happiness and be there when the other feels blue.

Maybe this is just another Virgo thing in me. I don't like to be criticized.

OK. Now about today. We went to Church as usual. The speaker was Janet. Dad and Pastor seemed OK, but I can feel that Dad still has some bitter roots inside. Honestly, I can't respect the way he thinks or he did yesterday - but I don't care. I just feel disturbed when he often said that I can't be saved because I can't please God if I still smoke. I think the more important thing for God, or I can say the most, is the matter of heart and not physical activities. I only smoke, come on. Maybe he can blame me if I am committing adultery right now. I am not! And Dad always says that I have been a burden for him because he feels that I can't be with him again when we meet in Heaven. This is ridiculous and I think he's so selfish if he thinks this way ... But I didn't say a word. My salvation is between me and God - and not between me, God and Dad. It's nothing to do with him.

I didn't have a chance to take many pictures outside today - but there are still some. I haven't even transferred them from my digicam to my PC. I'll do it after posting this long and boring entry.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

My Magic Fairy's Name

~ * Your Magic Fairy's Name * ~

Your fairy is called Thorn Rainbowshimmer
She is a fortune bringer
She lives in brambles and blackberry bushes
She is only seen when the first flowers begin to blossom

Look what I got from Emma today!!!!!

I LOVE this blinkie!!!!!!

Friday, September 20, 2002

Mad Bull

Nobody's an angel coz nobody has wings. Our "holy man" aka Dad was so upset this morning with our Pastor. It was about Janet. She was supposed to serve at our house Monday morning and at our Church secretariat (Kemang) in the evening. But Winston (her assistant) called this morning and said that Janet wouldn't be able to serve for evening services as she would be too tired.

Dad called our Pastor and he blamed him for arranging Janet to preach in Kemang. It was all Winston's fault because he was the one who asked Dad to arrange the schedule last May for Janet's next visit.

Mom and I were so worried as Dad really boiled up. He even said that he would quit our Church and move to another Church. After he talked on the phone we told him that he was so unwise. The Pastor was so much younger than him and anger is not the best way to solve the problem. I do understand the Pastor's situation as he has announced to the congregation about everything and suddenly it was just cancelled. He said that Dad cares about his family (yeah, one of my cousins will come to Jakarta tomorrow from central Java just to attend the service) and Pastor cares for the congregation.

Uneasy situation. I think the old man now regrets what he just did. He is not an angel, he is a mad bull this morning. And there's no bull angel.

Where are everyone tonight? Karen, Trishkin, Bro? Where are y'all? Nobody's online ... Uhm

Nothing much I can write right now. No news is a good news. But today I got some "disco peanuts" from Dudung (Maya's husband). I have "phlogged" it.

Hello there,

Regarding your request for help with a good man. I know one , and he has tried hard to see you , but has not been able to do so yet.

Admittedly, you have not yet left his heart or his mind. I guess that shows what an impressionable person you are :-) Well, I hope you have a great day as well and I will talk to you soon.

Take Care,

cute :)

do you have any recent picture of that good man? do you think i will see him one day still?


Yes , I really do think so. I will fill you in on some information shortly about my plans and some big developments I am finishing up now.

I'll email you shortly.

Take Care,

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Thought #1

I woke up at 04:00 AM for an hour. Nice clean bed sheet and yesterday Mom changed my comforter's cover, too. I smell like an animal: morning natural odour, cajuput oil and cigarette. I feel better this morning. I think yesterday my sickness could be caused by my gasteric problem. But why the fever still retains?

Thought #2

"Bad news" for you (and me). According to Online Photo Resource Guide we can't expect our pictures stay online forever, no matter you host in a paid or free site - unless you have your own webhosting. Money talks.

Thought #3

Yesterday I asked Mom about her boobs and she said hers were just as small and ugly as mine before she was pregnant. She checked mine and "analyzed" that mine would be better one day. I am happy.

Thought #4

Oh, I haven't written about what Lisa told me yesterday. She told me everything about her pregnancy and her relationship with her parents. She didn't aware that she was pregnant until the pregnancy almost reached the 6th month. Because she took some gaining weight pills and she thought it was normal if she ate a lot. She also had irregular period and once didn't have her period for several months before. But she wondered why the pills only made her tummy big and not other parts of the body. She then jogged everyday in our national soccer stadium, couple of times a day. She did some sit-ups and other things. All things didn't change the shape of her stomach an inch, so she bought a pregnancy test and the result was "+". She went to see a doctor and he congratulated that she had been almost 6 months pregnant and the baby is a boy. Lucky girl. So far the doctor sees everything is perfect with the baby (from the USG).

I was supposed to have 3 younger brothers but Mom got miscarriaged often because of little things. One of them was because she drove and didn't aware that she was pregnant. Few hours later, she was bleeding and sent to the hospital.

So I made my own conclusion that the strenght of someone's womb depends on her hair (the curlier the stronger, the straighter the weaker) and their complexion (the darker the stronger, the fairer the weaker). This is just my theory - or maybe I should tan my skin and get my hair permed once I know I am pregnant? Or if it bad for the baby, I should do it the first day after the wedding?

I don't even know who I'd marry to. Heh.

Why she changed my cute weather pixie with another pixie? I couldn't find a new pixie that describes me well now ... Anyway, this brunette babe is pretty - even though she is not really "me" ...
Talked to Trishkin and learned from her that Picture Trail only gives free members free storage for 36 pictures. Ugh. So I moved my Thursday Theme archive (again!) to here. Unlimited free storage, the page downloads pretty fast and the layout looks quite professional ...

I'm having fever now and period at the same time. Not too bad. Physical disturbance is 1,000 times better than emotional one. I am still feel blessed. And happy.

I don't feel well again this evening. I feel like vomitting and my head is spinning, too. Maybe I'm getting old ... Scarry :(

Trish, finally I use Picture Trail for my Theme Thursday archive. Yesterday I played with Photo Fun. Their layouts are great but I couldn't edit the album once it's done. Stupid site. I will still use WebShots for my daily pictures storage - but they only give 5 MB free space for the storage. You're right. Picture Trail is cool as they give 50 MB space for free!

Got an email from W. I replied and asked him to find a man for me. Hehe ...

My birthday has been over a week ago, but today I got more phone calls from my friends more than what I got on my birthday. Started by Lisa, then Jeanne and Vivi. Each of them talked to me for about 45 minutes or so. My ears are perspiring now. They are so sexy. But my lips are dry, so is my throat. I'd rather write for 2 hours to myself than talking on the phone for an hour. It's really tiring. I need some rest.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Last night I talked to Ked for hours and we had fun sharing our happiness, sex stories and she sent me loads of pictures. She was such a pretty girl with a long curly hair and she has turned into a beautiful woman today. I told her that I was so happy because yesterday we were happy. This is a rare thing. Usually, either me or her (mostly me) was sad, but not last night. I am happy that she is happy right now and that I find myself more relax than before.

W emailed me last night and this morning. Still talking about how Sabrina likes me so much. I told him this morning that I have been placing my personal ad again on the internet because I can't just wait here and sit, waiting for the right man to find me.

I showed Ked the email I got last night from my ad. He is a New Yorker and he states there that he earns $250,000/year. I don't know much about money and American standard, but Ked said it's a big money. It's not the most important thing, though. Mostly rich people are loosers. But well, I replied to his email before I went to bed.

After talking to Ked, I called Angel. She called me first when I was still online. She told me things. I don't really like her attitude. She doesn't want to marry her boyfriend because he comes from a different religion and from the first time they both know that he can't convert as he's an Arab - but she keeps him because he supports her financially with loads of money and glamor. I was pretty sarcastic last night because I never respect people who go for money, using "love" as the tool. I told her that women who only want to get money from a man without expecting a commitment are no better than whores. I was that sarcastic. And she was too dumb to understand what I mean because she thought I was talking about her friend who is a relationship with some married men. Well, it's none of my business but because she keeps complaining to me about money and stuff, how she loves God and that she is carrying her own cross (what cross??!!!), I am getting very tired and sick of her - so I told her about those stuff. That those kind of people are veiled whores.

Maya told me some funny things today about Luigi (her eldest son, 7 y/o) and Kirra (5 y/o):
"Mama, since I got my tonsil taken out, I don't feel the "dot, dot, dot" anymore on my neck!"
And yesterday, his younger brother Kirra had lunch with Maya at Pizza Hut. He was stunned with he saw an Arabic woman who veiled all her face but her eyes in black. He pointed at the woman and said,
"Look at that woman, Mama! She has no mouth! And why she keeps hiding her hand inside her clothes??!!!"
Maya was so uneasy because the woman's husband looked so unhappy. If Kirra said it in Indonesian, they might not understand - who asked her to send her kids to an English-speaking school? Hehehe ...

They are so cute ...

My parents' Daniel's Fasting was actually over yesterday, but they thought it was today. So after being vegetarians for about 3 weeks or so, today they started eating meat again.Dad had been asking Mom to cook chicken feet for him since yesterday and he got it for his lunch today. We also had mussels today.

I'm still not sure what I will do with my bangs/fringe. Maybe I will keep it long.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

(If) They Are Mated ...

So the parents of Mickey Mouse are Itchy and Scratchy?